11 October 2017


Vinyl is a trend which we are seeing hitting the stores everywhere in all sorts of different ways. Its a material which you wouldn't usually associate with being on trend...more on the tacky side BUT it's on trend and there are some fabulous pieces out there. I mean I have fully bought into the trend and I feel so edgy with this vinyl skirt.

From vinyl leggings, to skirts, to jackets, to bags...you name it, Vinyl is everywhere and you can't say that youre not even just a little bit tempted to add it to your wardrobe. There is something really cool about vinyl pieces, they not only bring more of a statement to your outfit but vinyl gives that edge to an outfit which brings it to the current day.

This vinyl skirt had been catching my eye every day at work but me being the small human I am, I knew it wouldn't fit BUT THEN it came out in petite and it changed the game. I think it was the ring pull detail which drew me to buying this skirt. Im loving the ring pull detailing at the moment. This skirt is such a versatile piece, I have previously worn this on a night out and felt super sassy but also to work...which is the outfit I am sharing with you today. 

That is one of the things I love about this Vinyl trend. It's so easily adapted to an every day casual wardrobe. I mean I'm lucky I work somewhere I can wear what I want but for those of your who have a little bit more of a stricter work wardrobe, Vinyl maybe a little harder to work into your wardrobe. 


The main piece to this outfit is of course, the vinyl skirt and for this look I have gone semi casual but this could be worn to dinner or whatever you fancy. As its getting colder jumpers are necessary so I have teamed the skirt with this amazingly soft oversized jumper from ZARA. Honestly, its the place to go for knitwear. Majority of my knitwear is from ZARA and it lasts so long as well. This one feels like I am wearing clouds. Who doesen't want to feel like they're wearing clouds? I have tucked it in slightly at the front to show the detailing on the front of the skirt and to cinch in the waist a little. I have gone for tights and boots for this look, Tights are for obvious reasons and the boots just made me feel super sassy and edgy. I did actually wear this outfit with converse instead of boots to work but both shoe options look cool. To finish off the look I have added my leather jacket which you're definitely bored of seeing by now and my new studded bag from Topshop....Its also in the sale at the moment if you fancy getting your hands on it. 

Here is links to the pieces I am wearing as well as some other options for those of you are maybe aren't so keen on this skirt...

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  1. Love how you styled the vinyl skirt! I definitely want to grab a vinyl piece soon!
    aby | http://venusaby.blogspot.co.uk/