9 October 2017


It's that time of year when we start putting together our Autumn/Winter Wardrobes and I for sure am already half way there with my winter wardrobe. Something I think that we all often forget, I certainly forget, Is that you dont need 100 jumpers, 10 coats, 7 scarfs, 13 pairs of boots and huge selections of bobble hats to get you through the Autumn/winter. You can survive on just the essentials. I personally dont think I would be able to do it but for anyone who is on a budget a capsule wardrobe this autumn/winter might be exactly what you need. You obviously dont have to be on a budget to have a capsule autumn wardrobe but its definitely something to think about. 

One of the best things about Autumn/winter is the amount of textures involved within a winter wardrobe. Texture is a great way to make your outfits more interesting as well as giving your wardrobe a little bit of life. From knitwear to vinyl to denim to leather, you name it...texture is all you need.


Now we all know that when it gets to this time of year its all about the knitted jumpers. I have already started building on my collection and having a little clear out of any that have been over worn from last year. This year ZARA have some amazing jumpers which you just all need in your life. If you're going with the capsule wardrobe Zara have a huge collection of basic jumpers which can easily be adapted for multiple outfits...other stores such as Topshop and H&M also have some cracking jumpers in at the moment. In my capsule wardrobe I have 4 jumpers. 2 high neck/roll neck both from Topshop and 2 round neck which are from Zara. You probably don't need that many jumpers but it is Autumn/winter so I guess its allowed for this one time. 


Having a range of bottom options is important as it means you can create a range of different looks and switch up the options you have. Mine are all on the dark side but then I know that I am going to get a lot more wear out of them. What have I chosen? Firstly a pair of jeans is key, I have chosen a pair of mom jeans as thats what I am loving the most at the moment. A pair of check trousers, these are a on trend piece but a muted check means that I will be more likely to wear them and wont be so in your face. A pair of faux leather trousers, these are good for dressing up or down and again work with the idea of texture and contrast nicely against knitwear. Finally, a vinyl skirt. This is another trend piece but again one that can be dressed up or down. If vinyl isn't your thing, a leather or denim skirt would be a good option. A skirt is good to have if you're wanting to have the option for a more feminine look or just for the winter evenings. 


Here I am only showing 2 pairs of shoes. I would probably have a third pair which would be a pair of heels for an evening but these are my 2 main options. These 2 pairs of shoes are genuinely the shoes that I live by whether I have a capsule wardrobe or not. Converse are a great everyday trainer that go with literally anything and everything in my wardrobe. They're also long lasting so they'`re a great shoe option if you're on a budget and want a long lasting pair if shoes. Boots are something that is key for a autumn/winter wardrobe and these are a classic chelsea boot style. I am all for spending a decent amount of money on boots as they're are there to last you throughout winter and if they're good quality they should last you a good few years. These boots are on their third year and still looking pretty good!


Being able to see the type of outfits you can create with a capsule wardrobe kinda gives you a feel as to what it would be like to have a capsule wardrobe. It's all about the range of pieces you have and injecting the texture, colour and print into your wardrobe in the correct way.

An item which is key for a capsule wardrobe is to have at least one dress. I am not really much of a dress wearer in the winter and if I am, its only casually. I just get too cold otherwise. This one is an absolute gem I found in Zara and follows the check/heritage trend that we are seeing everywhere this autumn winter. I especially love this one as its a slip dress style but with a casual edge. I just love it. This is easily an item you could wear for an evening out but for this post I wanted to show you how I would style it for a casual day. I have popped a roll neck jumper from Topshop underneath to give that layering effect. I love to layer and especially love to layer with slip dresses. I love the way this looks and it gives the perfect heritage winter look. I have also added a coat. 

A winter wardrobe wouldn't be complete without a coat. I chose to buy myself an aviator style coat this year and Im in LOVE with it. Its very reminiscent of the ACNE coats which I could only dream of owning. These aviator coats are everywhere this season and are the like the winter version of a leather jacket. This one in particular looks so expensive and I love the idea of an item looking a lot more expensive than it actually was. This one was £90 which isn't cheap but a lot cheaper than the ACNE coat I have been dreaming of. 

This look is a my night out outfit but also pieces which could be worn casually. I have teamed the vinyl skirt with this simple black bodysuit from Topshop. The bodysuit is super simple and allows all the attention to go to the skirt. This body suit is a great piece for not only wearing alone with a skirt or trousers but as a layering piece underneath a jumper. I have also added my leather jacket as its winter so youre going to need some sort of lightweight jacket to take with you on your nightout. 

The final look I have to share with you is a simple casual outfit you could wear on an average day. This consists of an oversized jumper teamed with a pair of faux leather leggings. A super easy outfit which you could then team with either a pair of converse or a pair of boots and then chuck on your winter coat and you're good to go. A super easy effortless look which will take you right through the autumn winter. 

So there you have it, my Autumn capsule wardrobe. I know you're probably thinking why are you sharing a capsule wardrobe when you don't actually have a capsule wardrobe. Well my answer to you is that yes you could use this and create your own capsule wardrobe but it's also a good way to think about the key pieces you need during the autumn winter and it really made me think about how I would style these pieces if that was all I had. Definitely going to be wearing that dress and jumper combo! Im all for that!

Id love to know what you think...either comment on this post or head over to my Instagram @iamcharlotteolivia and leave me a comment! 

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  1. I really love your wardrobe! This kind of things are so importante because people do fast fashion and are not cautious when buying. I've been into this kind of shopping which is being more careful.
    Love this post, would love to hear more about it.
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