19 October 2017


This autumn winter is bringing out some fabulous trends, one of which being Heritage. It is basically what is says on the tin. It's that traditional english country vibe...I was gunna say heritage there but then thats not helping to describe it. This season it is EVERYWHERE. All the high street stores are jumping on the bandwagon so it would be rude to not join in with the trend. 

The heritage look is surrounded by the check print. Ranging from check trousers, to skirts, to dresses, to coats... you name it, the look is everywhere. I wasn't really into it to begin with...its quite an out there kind of look and I do believe its a passing trend that may not be as popular next AW BUT that being said I have totally fallen in love with the trend. Who doesn't want to dress like they are about to go for a walk around the grounds of their mansion...do you know what I mean? 

Because its a trend that I personally don't think I will be as in love with next year, I haven't gone crazy with the heritage check print but who knows...you might see more and more check appearing on my blog. I am constantly on the hunt for pieces that I can add to my wardrobe which for one aren't black and 2 aren't skinny jeans. I really want to stay out of my skinny jean rut which I seem to fall into every winter... Im doing okay so far and these trousers are a great addition to my wardrobe. 

Smart trousers are something that I am often seen wearing and these heritage check print trousers are perfect for me and my wardrobe. First of all I love a paper bag waist and second of all they're not black. I love these as they are a muted check so they're not super in your face but the heritage trend is still coming through. I personally love the muted check as it makes them a lot easier to wear and I will probably wear them a lot more. 


In terms of styling for these trousers, I have kept it super heritage and given the look a very country feel and I mean Im ready for a cute winter walk with my non existent boyfriend. Its a classic winter look and I'm so ready for some colder weather. 

These trousers are an amazing find from Bershka which has quickly become a new favourite place to shop. Not only do they follow the heritage trend, the fit amazingly and were an amazing price. I have teamed them with this gorgeous roll neck jumper from Topshop which I cannot stop wearing. It goes with everything and you need this in your life. The jumper suits the trousers perfectly and really add to that heritage feel. As its winter, I have added a camel coat which throws in a little bit of colour but also brings the outfit together and tops off that heritage look that I keep banging on about. For accessories, I have added this AMAZING scarf from Primark which I cannot stop wearing and its like it was made for this coat. I have finished off the look with my flat chunky vagabond chelsea boots which not only give my outfit the grungey vibe I'm loving at the moment but also bring the outfit together and give me the heritage outfit I have been looking for. 

The heritage trend is all about making it your own. Find a piece of heritage check and adapt it to fit your wardrobe. I promise you theres a piece of heritage check out there for you, It just might take a little bit more searching than you thought. 

I have picked out a few heritage pieces which might be the perfect addition for you... 

17 October 2017


Today I had an euphony…one which made me think about where I am today and how I am feeling after a tough week at work. Many things have happened in my life which have sent my brain into an absolute mess and today I finally felt relief and a feel good feeling. A feeling which I haven't felt in a very long time. A feeling I have needed to gain back for the last 2 months. Something has clicked and its clicked in the right way. 

Over the last 5 days I have been at work, working incredibly hard for our store reboot which was effectively giving our store a little bit of a make over. A lick of paint, a move around, a fresh face and boy has it been a task and a half. To make it even worse, it took place over a weekend…the time that I usually take to chill and give myself a bit of me time. Not this weekend thats for sure. My mind was consumed by Topshop. You may have seen a snippets of what I’ve been getting up to over on my Instagram Stories ( Instagram - @iamcharlotteolivia)

After an incredibly tiring work heavy week, I feel refreshed and like a weight has been lifted off my shoulders…which is weird because it hasn't really. 

Im gunna start with the negatives, just get them out the way before I chat all things positivity. The first few days of Reboot, I was really down. A feeling I haven't felt since the stress of final year of uni and It was quite possibly a horrible reminder of the stress that I so badly struggled with. It was not a nice feeling. I felt really irrelevant and like I was awful at my job. I know I can do it and do it good but everything in my brain was telling me I was awful and I started getting it in my head that I was gunna be looked at as not being good because I was struggling with the task I was given. When in reality, It was okay that I was struggling because I had never done this trend before so its okay to not know what you’re doing. I was far into this mindset that I started panicking and it came very close to becoming a panic attack which I managed to save by texting a couple of people who just gave me a bit of relief that I was good and you just have these bad days. The down feeling didn’t go away but that feeling of panic quickly started to fade away. Safe to say I managed to save the situation quickly without everyone at work knowing. That was the first time in about a year that I have felt like that and I couldn't think of a way out. So me and Sophie had it out with each other, we chatted about everything and I decided that enough was enough, I need to do something about it and BOY did I come back the next day with the best feeling. 

It all began by firstly meeting up with my good pal Sophie before work so that we good boost each others moods before we’d even entered work. This meant that we both were on a high and wouldn’t let the crappy bit of work get to us and we genuinely had the best shift. We ran over by 2 hours but I didn’t hit a wall or feel down because I was so positive at the start of the day. I even created the best bag wall which oh my I was so impressed with. Like I kept looking at it and thinking yeah you go girl you have done a fab job on that. I may have left work at 1 in the morning but I left feeling good about my glitzy bag wall. Sunday rolled around and I was still on a high. I was in charge of re merchandising the pretty trend of which there are 2 statements, Heritage and colour pop. I went into it completely blind had nothing planned and it went so well. I struggled with the colour pop statement as it was all about bright colours next to each other but it was such a learning experience. Me and my manager went through what i’d placed and really started to get our heads around it and by the end I was really chuffed with it. The heritage side was fab. I re merchandised it and absolutely loved it. I had a bit of a move around half way through because I completely forgot to do something and It just made me think about what I was doing so much more and by the end of it I was like YASSSSSSSS YOU GOT THIS GURL. I genuinely felt good about it and then my manger turned around and said to me ‘charlotte it looks amazing, you should be really proud of yourself’ and at that point I knew that I was good at my job. It wasn't the fact that my manger had said that comment, it was the fact that I knew I had done a good job and that It was backed up. I left work exhausted but I knew that what I’d done was worth the time I spent on it. To top that off, Our area manager said that the accessories wall looked fab. That just sent my happiness and feel good vibes through the roof. It was what I needed to remind myself that I am good at what I do and that I can do it. Sometimes It is just a few little comments that put your mind at rest and remind you to believe in yourself. Its what I have needed for the last 2 months and Im feeling FAB because of it.

It has reminded me how important it is to remember the positive things. Something I have spoken about before Is always taking the positives out of your day and this little situation made me realise that these times when I am down, I am fully focusing on the negatives and that is not the way forward. Of course down days happen and there is no way of stopping those. Its just a part of life but its the idea of not letting them consume your life and not letting them be the only thing you can think about. It just goes to show how positive thoughts bring a positive life and much happier life. Since Saturday I have been in the best mood and become the charlotte I am again. I finally feel me again and its the best feeling in the world. 

I haven’t felt me in about 2 months and this little euphony has changed my mindset and its GREAT. To top it off, My blog is doing better than it was this time last year, I have had some lovely comments of my teeth which is something I have wanted my whole life and I am now at a point where I am happy with my teeth and people are complementing me for it. Good things are happening all around and its so important to cherish those good things because they just keep making your feel good pile bigger and bigger. NOW THAT is FAB feeling. 

I suppose the moral of my story today is that the down days are gunna happen and sometimes they hit you a lot harder than you ever expect but its important to try and not let them consume your every thought and to make sure you inject the positivity into those days whether you want to take it or not. And when you realise these bad days are happening, do something about it and bring that positivity back because I promise you, It leaves you with the best feeling. A feeling of happiness which we all need. 

‘Your mind is a powerful thing, when you fill it with positive thoughts your life will start to change’ 

15 October 2017


Mom jeans have very quickly become my favourite kinda jean which is weird because I'm religiously a skinny jean kinda gal but I'm loving these mom vibes. Im also trying my very best to stay out of my all black everything outfits. I have previously styled these jeans in a  slightly more feminine way...this look is very grungey but I am all for it. I feel cool in this outfit. These jeans are an amazing find from ZARA and I recommend you all buy a pair...only £25.99

The mom jeans being the main focus of this outfit, I began by teaming them with this gorgeous Zara knit which I believe I have had for about 2 years now. I adore the colour of this jumper as its so unique. Its not often that you'll find a jumper in this creamy light green colour. It goes perfectly with the colour of these jeans. I have added a belt to bring both pieces together. To make sure the black ties in and doesn't look too random, I have added my leather jacket and my trusty Vagabond boots. 

I have had these boots for about 3 years and they're in such good condition. I 100% recommend buying a pair of you're keen. They're a little bit pricey at £90 but they are so so worth it. Vagabond sell so many different kinds of classic boots. I know from experience how well they last and I would recommend them to anyone. I have a pair of flat chelsea boots which get just as much wear. These are super grungey and I LAVE them. 

Im really getting into the swing of this autumn outfit malarkey....more to come!